About GeniSys

At GeniSys, we are in the business of making life easier for healthcare providers. Drawing on decades of firsthand experience as hospital administrators, builders, and consultants, we find solutions to the challenges of designing and running a modern medical facility.

Today’s healthcare executives face enormous challenges. Most operate in an environment where capital is short, operational space is limited, and every potential expansion is accompanied by hundreds of logistical and regulatory constraints. Our role is to help them cut through the clutter to find real-world solutions when it comes to designing new facilities, meeting state and federal guidelines, and managing data. We do it all while keeping one eye on our clients’ bottom lines and helping them to provide superior patient care.

Current GeniSys services can be grouped into three divisions...

Our consulting and data management solutions can be used together or separately and integrate seamlessly with your existing team and workflow.

That’s because our ultimate goal is to help you run a leaner, more efficient healthcare network.

Whether you need to create a new facility from the ground up or simply build a smarter structure for your organization, GeniSys has the applied experience and expertise you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can use our industry knowledge to help with your capital project or day-to-day facility management.

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