About iPG

Operating a healthcare business– much less maintaining one – is never simple. In addition to local and federal codes and public health guidelines instituted by agencies such as The Joint Commission, providers need to manage hundreds of logistical details to ensure safe and continuous patient care.

Within the iPG division of GeniSys, our team is comprised of former hospital administrators and operations executives. We make it possible for healthcare providers to manage, organize, maintain and modernize their facilities by applying experience and industry-specific expertise to these challenges. That’s because our leaders draw on decades of hands-on work in healthcare oversight at every level while utilizing the best engineers, designers, and project managers in the field.

Moving Healthcare Construction Projects Forward

Making improvements or additions to an existing structure – or even a new building site – can seem like a straightforward process. However, a facilities manager will quickly find obstacles relating to power, insulation, fire safety, flood regulation, pressurization and evacuation plans that are unique to the healthcare field.

When advanced applications like bioengineering or sterile operating environments are called for, plans and solutions can dramatically increase in their complexity. Is it any wonder so many healthcare construction projects so typically exceed their budgets and schedules?

Within iPG you’ll find the resources you need to adequately plan, prepare, and execute your construction or renovation project. Our team can work with your existing staff and partners to help with every phase of the process, particularly:

Ensuring your healthcare construction project is safe and leaves you in compliance with all major building codes and industry practices. We double-check the details so you don’t have to worry about expensive or limiting revisions once work begins.

Keeping your facility adhering to all regulatory concerns involving construction and patient care. We know you want to provide the highest level of service, without unnecessary interruptions, while keeping costs for your project under control.

No Substitute for Experience.

There are no simple healthcare construction or renovation projects, which is why experience and applied knowledge can make such a huge difference at every step. That’s exactly what you get from the iPG team of experts.

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It’s easy to start getting the advice and insights you need from the iPG team, and we are happy to work collaboratively with existing staff, executives, or vendors. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can help move your project forward.

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